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Jim Warren, is currently Washington Bureau Chief for the New York Daily News. Prior to this he was Editor at Large for The Daily Beast and continues there as a correspondent. A former managing editor and reporter with the Chicago Tribune, he also writes for The Atlantic, among others.

Prior to his work at the Daily Beast Jim was a founder and columnist for the Chicago News Cooperative, a nonprofit providing local content to The New York Times. Jim wrote the column anchoring the Chicago pages of the Times each Friday and Sunday, having a blast and winning some nice awards in the process. In the past year has helped authors David Maraniss and Steve Brill with critically-acclaimed books, on Barack Obama ("The Story") and American education ("Class Warfare").

Jim is a former managing editor and Washington bureau chief of The Chicago Tribune. He has worked at The Newark Star-Ledger, The Chicago Sun-Times, and the Tribune in a variety of positions, including financial reporter, legal affairs reporter-columnist, labor writer, media writer-columnist and features editor. The Washingtonian once tagged him one of the town's 50 most influential journalists.

Jim is also a political analyst for MSNBC, having completed the cable news punditry trifecta with previous stints at CNN ("Capital Gang Sunday") and Fox News Channel. He was also publisher and president of the Chicago Reader, the city's alternative weekly, and a policy columnist for Bloomberg Business Week.

His outside involvements include having served on the board of the National Cathedral in Washington and judging the Pulitzer Prizes on several occasions. A native New Yorker, he's a happy resident of Chicago, where he lives just north of Wrigley Field with his Pulitzer Prize-winning wife, Cornelia, and their sons, Blair, 8, and Eliot, 3. Despite the fact Blair's team in the Welles Park baseball league is the Orioles, he is being indoctrinated to be a diehard Yankees fan. The same will be true of Eliot, long before he even starts t-ball.